Just Walk

I have a pinched nerve in my lower back and I am awaiting an MRI to determine if there is a herniated or damaged disc. In the meantime, I manage the pain as best I can. Walking can be uncomfortable, but I try to move as much as possible. It is a meditation to watch the body from a witness perspective and notice how small micro movements increase or decrease the discomfort.

I realize that my body naturally wants to protect the spine by contracting certain muscle groups. Unfortunately, those same contractions can make walking more painful. I also notice a natural wisdom that finds a centered, relaxed, core-supported way of moving. This requires me to let go of armoring against the pain in favor of cooperating with a naturally balanced movement.

I have to to slow down and focus on simply walking. When I do this, I experience a significant reduction in pain. What a wondrous awareness. Just walk! The symbolism is not lost on me. Think of all the trauma and drama we experience in life against which we armor ourselves, both in real time and in post traumatic episodes. What if we were to just allow the mind to settle into a natural balance?

It seems Buddha had something to say about this. If we have an unsettled mind, we will have unsettling experiences. If our mind is settled, all experience is more more balanced and peaceful. Just live. Just breathe. Just sit. Just walk.

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