Crocus Pocus

Winter arrived late this year. As Spring attempts her debut, snow squalls intermittently cover the ground in a frosty white. Yet, a few hardy plants do not care much about what is going on above as long as there remains a bit of warmth in the soil below. Green spears of crocus poke out of a white blanket, defying conditions that cause other plants to remain in hiding.

I always smile when I see a crocus peak through the winter crust. It is a sprig of hope in a cold world. When their blossoms open and smile toward the sun, they offer a splash of early color in an otherwise drab landscape. And this harbinger of Spring announces the coming warmth in profusion—just to make sure we notice.

It is important to have reminders of our natural movement toward the light because sometimes we get stuck in darkness. Like experiencing a perpetual winter, depression can descend upon us and we find it difficult to dig out. Through meditation, we are able to drop below the surface and see what is growing. We notice the vibrant stirring of life. Even though it may be hidden to our so-called conceptual mind, we can trust it will emerge—revealed through the sun of insight.

Of course, this takes practice. I am amazed at how many people will pass green shoots without noticing. If we are unwilling to slow down enough to see signs of growth all around, we risk losing connection with the light. Sometimes there are subtle signs of positive change growing just below the surface. We simply open our eyes and see the magic already happening.

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