Good Alignment

I am sitting on a stool next to a cafe-style table near the the front windows of a local tire store while I wait for an alignment service on my truck. My front end is shimmying. I gaze out at a line of wind-tossed junipers and ponderosa pine. The trees sway back and forth until the breeze abates and they again find their perfect alignment with earth, strongly rooted and prepared for the next storm. This exquisite dance reveals resiliency and strength, two important qualities for the spiritual seeker.

Just as my truck is finding it difficult to track in a straight line, I often shimmy as I live with intention to walk with realization of my true nature. I know there is nothing inherently wrong with a bit of wiggle now and then but, when it impairs my progress, I need to skillfully realign my priorities. I notice when I set a goal toward which I move with diligence, I am more apt to experience benefit—even if I wobble at times. If I am rooted like a tree in my intention, then even the worst rutted road won’t knock me out of true. I refocus in the moment I notice the misalignment which increases my resiliency to navigate in spite of the wobble.

Of course, it is always possible to break something; a linkage snaps. Oh, well, it happens. Thanks goodness for mechanics who know how to put things right. If we have a spiritual mentor, he or she may show us how to fix the problem; offer us the tools to do the job. After some down time, we are back on the road—and we have new skills to address any future mishaps. Eventually, we have a mechanics chest filled with tools (mantras, maybe) and can offer every sentient motorist assistance. We become Buddha A.A.A.!

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