It is said that repetition is more powerful than truth. What we repeat to ourselves, we will believe—even if it is a lie. We currently have a social media that is based upon repeating things over and over—so we have to be careful. The lies we retweet may come back to bite us. It is better to study what is true and repeat that.

Part of spiritual practice is becoming familiar with the constant repetition in our mind. We observe the motivation behind the chatter. We let go of non-beneficial noise and replace it with Bodhicitta, the heart/mind of compassion for all beings. Then we continue to generate Bodhicitta in an unbroken stream.

This is the power of repeating mantra. Mantra literally means, “instrument of thought” or “the thought behind the thought.” If we chant with diligence and devotion, we mingle our mind with Bodhicitta. Every thought then becomes an instrument of love—and compassionate action follows.

May I and all beings repeat the beneficial thoughts and actions of love.

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