The Day After

I write this as the election is coming to a close. There is no clear winner yet. I am choosing to post this before the final decision to encourage everyone to generate the mind of compassion for all beings. Of course, we always do this according to our capacity—but sometimes we get stirred up by aspects of our samsaric world. This election is only a moment that has a kind of energy. We can use that energy to feel frustrated and angry or happy and vindicated. Either way, we lose our center.

Tomorrow—the sun will rise. The birds will sing. We will rise, take a breath, and walk into our lives. We will have an opportunity to love those around us and, in our small way, conduct beneficial activities for all beings. None of this is affected by an election. May we all relax our minds and remember what is most important.

The law of impermanence is the only constant—and we can completely rely on this. Whatever is happening in our perception of the world will change at some point. We are in the midst of change. Most of you will read this after the election is over. My prayer is for all beings affected by the outcome find a glimmer of light in the movement of change. May we serve both our loved ones and enemies with the equanimity of unconditional compassion. May all beings have happiness and the cause of happiness. May we joyfully do our part.

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