Law of Unstuckness

On this cold crisp morning, the sky reveals an unmistakable frosty blue hue of winter. The solstice dawns once again as the seasons march on in an infinite circle—always repeating yet never the same. Our lives mirror this circle as we continuously liberate old habit patterns and, hopefully, make something fresh and new.

The new we create has its beginning in the past and continues toward the future. Past and future commingle in the present as a swirling whirlwind of bliss. This is the dance of every precious moment—liberating, recycling, rebuilding, recreating. It is curious why we often feel stuck and immovable in a life that is defined by movement.

The Dharma expresses movement as the law of impermanence. Nothing ever remains the same even though our conditioned mind insists on creating the illusion of permanence. Therefore, when we feel stuck in some emotional dead end, movement happens anyway. If we settle our mind, we recognize impermanence and become unstuck. Maybe we should rename the word ‘impermanence’ as ‘unstuckness’.

So, as the light returns once again, we pray for all beings to experience the liberating qualities of unstuckness even though it may confuse our spell checkers. They are often wrong and out of date anyway.

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