Natural Mind Dharma Center

Buddhist Point of View
Thursdays, October 10—November 19, 7-9 pm
Register through C.O.C.C. Community Learning:
541-383-7270 or online

Buddha taught that we all have a naturally conscious and loving presence. However, we get distracted by our reactions to life situations and develop habits of mind that overshadow our original nature. We will explore how the Buddhist point of view guides the way to remembering the true heart/mind of compassion. This six week class covers the basics of Buddhism and the three main approaches to the tradition.  Michael Stevens is the author of Being an Ordinary Buddha: Practicing the Natural Mind. This text is optional and can be purchased at class for those interested. 

The Six Bardos
Sunday, November 3, 9:30 am – 12:30 pm
$25 suggested donation

The word bardo literally means “an interval between two things.” Bar means ‘interval’ and do means ‘two’. We can think of this interval in a spatial or temporal way. If there are two houses, the space between them is a bardo. The period between sunrise and sunset, the interval of daylight, is a bardo. Our experience is made up of intervals between one thing and another. Momentary thoughts have an interval between, although it is sometimes difficult to discern.

In Vajrayana Buddhism, six particular bardo states are considered most important. These are: birth, death, the interval between birth and death, the interval between death and birth, sleep/dreaming, and meditation. In each of these bardos, we have an auspicious opportunity to attain enlightenment. In this extended teaching, we will explore the six bardos and point to practices that help us ‘wake up’ in each.

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