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Confused and Curious

I often receive blank stares when I am teaching some of the more esoteric aspects of Vajrayana Buddhism. It is like looking at a room full of stunned deer looking into headlights. I remember when I first embarked upon this path—I was one…


Mental Fasting

One of the wonderful things about being alive in this time is seeing the way science and meditation are finding a close kinship. Mindfulness is becoming almost mainstream in many venues because western cultures are discovering methods to scientifically validate the efficacy of…



“May I not become tired and weary while accomplishing the benefit of others.” I find this phrase from our dedication prayers to be a most profound aspiration. I make this aspiration every day, actually every moment, as I respond to calls for love—according…


Algorithms of the Mind

Algorithmic Determinism is a new term applied to the way in which algorithms developed for applications and social media determine a particular outcome. I do not begin to understand the technical aspects but I find it freakishly similar to how our mind filters…


No Signal

I look into the quizzical faces of a few freshman and sophomore high school students sitting here at the Dharma center as part of a world religions course. I really do not know what is going on in their minds. I imagine they…