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Who Is that Masked Human?

Do I know her? She stares at me with a somewhat stern gaze. I also receive a quizzical look from a man as I enter the downtown post office. Then I remember I forgot to wear my mask and rush back to my…


Ups and Downs

Some folks pretend the pandemic doesn’t exist. Others are extremely paranoid. Somewhere in the middle is a sane response. The most important thing is to look at our personal situation and discover the settled mind between denial and fear. One way to discover…


Macro and Micro

The lake is like translucent cobalt glass today. Barely a breath of wind produces a vast, mirror-like surface. Almost 2,000 feet deep, Crater Lake absorbs all but the deep blue frequencies of light. We see them reflected into our eyes from the depths…



Iron Mountain is a temple for wildflower lovers. Situated in the “Old Cascades” of central Oregon, this area may offer 60 to 100 flower species blooming any given time throughout the late spring and summer months. It uniquely hosts flora from both dry…


Wandering and Wondering

One insightful way of hiking in the wilderness is to have no destination. It is exploring without seeking an outcome. I think this is why I like to wander away from the beaten path. We are taught to have defined goals, and that…