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Waves and Particles

In the natural state of ease, mind watches over mind. When mind rests in this way it is called calm abiding shamatha (shiné in Tibetan). We leave the mind resting like a clear lake. Maybe a wind arises and ripples begin to form.…


Now, Water

Springs have a particular allure for humans. Water flowing out of the ground offers life-giving water with seeming abundance, symbolizing new life and regeneration. On this first day of autumn, we are hiking to the headwaters of Tyee Creek. The springs that feed…


Church on Fire

My primary house of worship is not a house. It is not bound by walls. It is the unconfined natural world that calls me to spiritual practice. But now my spiritual home is on fire. For obvious health reasons I cannot risk the…


Never Helpless

When things seem to be falling apart in our perception of the world, it is not unusual to feel a bit helpless. We might feel we can do nothing to help the situation. This is why generating bodhicitta is so important. If our…



Wildfire, storms, earthquakes, pandemics—the list goes on and on. Racial tensions, shifting awareness of gender identities, political divisions, on-going issues related to poverty—the list goes on and on. Our appearing outer world seems to be falling apart. But this is only the outer…