As I experience the aging process, I naturally have more specialists among my care givers. I now have a cardiologist for the fist time in my 71 years. Unfortunately for him, he has to spar with me at each visit.  I do not do well with many allopathic medicines so I challenge my medical care providers to offer alternatives. This cardiologist meets me in the middle and makes some suggestions. One of those recommendations is the inclusion of bergamot supplements so support the lowering of my cholesterol numbers.

Bergamot is citrus fruit known for its healing properties. Most tea drinkers recognize it as the flavoring agent in Earl Grey tea. I am amazed by the health benefits of botanicals, usually with fewer side effects than allopathic remedies. Allopathic medicines have their place, but I am one of those who tends to experience the list of side effects. So I am happy to have alternatives from the plant world. It also brings me closer to the earth and increases my appreciation of the natural world in all its expression.

These days it is especially important to reawaken our appreciation of nature, to understand what she teaches us about staying in balance with natural cycles. There won’t be a pill to solve climate change. But we can recognize how the planet is seeking balance and recognize how we can be helpful in the process. Many prophecies in ancient Varayana texts point to this time and suggest it will be a degenerating cycle. Things will seem to fall apart and divisive reactions will ensue. Just read the headlines.

During degenerating time cycles, it is suggested that the Dharma becomes even more import as an expression of our deep understanding of impermanence and adaptability. Our recognition of the way nature remains in homeodynamic condition, harmony amidst change, mirrors the way the Dharma teaches us about the nature of mind. May we all remember our original homeodynamic state of being and work to help others do likewise.

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