Open Door

Two policemen order coffee at a local cafe. They are dressed in their uniforms, appearing like they are prepared for combat. One officer rests his hand on his service pistol. My mind projects all sorts of judgement. Why must our community service providers look like military soldiers? 

I recognize how I am conjuring up a dream cloaked in issues around war, gun violence, and profiling. All the while it is I who conducts a war in my mind and violently suppresses the natural arising of loving kindness. I realize I am profiling the moment with separating judgements and have to laugh.

The policemen complete their order and I place mine. When I receive my tea and move to exit into an outer area, the officers are standing near the passageway. They spontaneously open both doors for me, offering a smile and good wishes for a happy day. I am still laughing.

Whatever moves in our minds flavors what we see. Whatever we hold, holds the world. Our practice is to see through these clouds without them filtering what we see. We hold the door open and realize every experience is an open door. Perhaps we will catch a glimpse of light.

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