Open Space

Every time I enter our little Dharma Center I am surprised. Surprised that it happened to begin with. Surprised that it is still here. I know on a relative level I and my lineage heritage had something to do with founding and directing the center—but there is something more. When someone new walks through our door, I often hear comments like, “This place is very peaceful.” Or, “The energy here is vibrant and alive.” Our entire sangha has helped to create a nourishing environment that can be felt by anyone who enters.

When we co-create a space and dedicate it to a particular purpose, it takes on the energy of that intention. If we are intending to practice the Dharma, every atom of every chair, painting, statue, offering bowl, etc, resonates with that aspiration. You could say the blood cells of our center flow from the open heart of Buddha and all the lineage masters. When one enters the center, they can feel the lineage blessing them as if the teachings are flowing through their own arteries.

The Dharma is very precious and effortlessly finds its way through open hearts. I pray we have created an accessible space to rediscover our natural openness. May it be of benefit to all beings.

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