Suggestions from a Wandering Idiot

I am sometimes asked to offer some simple guidance based on my experience from a lifetime of study and practice in the realm of religion and philosophy. The following is one possible response to that request.

• Mingle whatever you think and do with the intention of benefitting all beings equally.

• Investigate your habits of mind and personality fixations. Explore your relative self and recognize the filters through which you experience the world. Reduce the filters and let go of ego-clinging.

• Connect with and listen to the teachings of the natural world.

• Learn from your dreams. Unmask your hidden wisdom.

• Settle the mind. Discover a purifying and focusing practice. Accomplish the practice.

• Recognize a mirror of your true nature. Be open to receiving guidance from a spiritual mentor and/or walk steadfastly on a path of awakening you trust. 

• Let the law of impermanence be an intimate partner on your life journey. Wake up, and live joyfully with awareness of dying.

• Apply natural wisdom and compassion to everything you do.

• Relax and enjoy the ride.

• Meet death with clarity.

• Repeat as necessary.

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