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Fear Goes Viral

As one who is prone to fear and anxiety, I find myself strangely calm amidst this storm of news about the corona virus. Fear is such a potent poison and I have lived with this my whole life. I understand how it stresses…


Blushing of Spring

The Deschutes is running full even though it is still winter. Unseasonably balmy weather has caused snow to melt in the high country, producing a high volume of water in rivulets and streams swelling the river below me. On either side of the…


Wind Blessing

We experienced a strong wind storm recently. It blew down many trees, including a large ponderosa pine that had been leaning precariously over a downtown parking lot for many years. The tree had an iconic presence, one of the few remaining large trees…



One of the main insights offered in Buddhism is identifying the basic nature of suffering. I sometimes hear students complaining Buddhism is too preoccupied with the idea of suffering. But Buddha was trying to present a teaching that would bring people together through…


Confused and Curious

I often receive blank stares when I am teaching some of the more esoteric aspects of Vajrayana Buddhism. It is like looking at a room full of stunned deer looking into headlights. I remember when I first embarked upon this path—I was one…