Sacred Random

Quaking Aspen leaves flutter and sparkle like little gold coins in the sunlight. A babbling brook speaks its truth through undulating rivulets, never saying the same thing twice. As a campfire dies, embers pulsate with alternating intensity until the light fades into the night. All these things share a common thread—they are emanations of sacred randomness. 

When I observe these phenomena through the eyes of my wisdom mind, I recognize something about the way the universe is organized. Everything flutters, babbles, and pulsates by means of an ungraspable rhythmic cadence. This pulse is mirrored in every heartbeat and every breath we take. We are immersed in the sacred random, inseparable from everything we experience.

Now we experience the random pulsation of a virus. It shakes us up because we insist on thinking we can force the universe to follow a controllable, repeatable, rhythm. This never happens except in the illusory stories we tell ourselves. The only thing we can do in the face of our chaotic existence is to recognize randomness as the nature of unconditional love. 

Love never expresses the same way twice. It flows only according to what is needed in the moment and then moves on. In the same way, we need to accept the incomprehensible nature of this virus and offer ever-changing expressions of love to help alleviate suffering. We do what we can by first freeing ourselves from political, philosophical, and religious ideologies—stories about a world that has never existed. Only then are we able to feel directed by the sacred random, and cooperate with its rhythm through deep understanding and flowing compassion.

The sacred random is quite beautiful. We have even attempted to take a picture. Look up fractal patterns on the internet. You will be amazed.

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