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Whirlwind and Sand Lily

We are walking through our ‘back forty,’ an undeveloped area near our home. I see signs of green sand lily foliage that will host beautiful white blossoms in a few weeks. Their spidery leaves with white edges are popping to the surface out…



I savor those wonderful winter-into-spring days when the air is crisp, the sun is out, and the desert begins to come alive. Today, Rodman Rim hosts a dusting of snow, but down below where Bear Creek meanders, it is warmer and the soil…


Wisdom Rocks

I was walking down the street in our neighborhood and came upon a small painted river rock, about three inches in diameter, leaning against a fence adjacent to the sidewalk. The word ‘kind’ was painted on a blue background with a bright yellow…


Social Distance Mandala

Tarn and I go for a daily walk in our neighborhood. Many of our neighbors are doing the same these days, as it is one of the ‘safe’ activities amid social distancing recommendations to help stem the spread of Coronavirus. Today, as we…


Simply Practice

Closing the Dharma Center for a few weeks is a strange but somewhat inspiring experience. Although the space is empty of people, I can feel the energy of all our chants emanating. They resonate in the air and vibrate through the walls. The…